Returnable Container Management /Repair and Cleaning
We support your existing investment with turnkey repair and refurbishment services designed to track, clean store and repair your material when necessary. We have extensive experience in reusable bulk container repairs, dunnage repairs and metal rack repairs.  Therefore, providing a more cost-effective alternative to unit replacement and a better return on your packaging investment.
  • Repair and refurbish damaged units for significantly less than the cost of buying new replacement parts or units
  • MIG welding for minor rack repairs, as well as replacement of missing components and repairs for damaged bases
  • Cost-effective, turnkey solution for tote and pallet cleaning and keeping steel, plastic or other returnable packaging systems clean and dirt-free

Cleaning, Repair and Modifications:
  • Bulk container repairs
  • Dunnage repairs
  • Plastic corrugated dividers/inserts
  • Fabricated foams
  • Thermoformed trays
  • Steel rack repairs
  • Plastic welding repairs
  • Container washing/dunnage cleaning


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